EVOLUTION – new collection AW/19-20 in URBANTIGER

Publication date: 1 October 2019
1 floor
10:00 22:00
10:00 23:00
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Where are your limitations? You know better.

Each person decides where the limits of his capabilities are. We believe it’s limitless. Millions of years of evolution have shown that the main technology that drives progress is human.

The heroes of the new URBANTIGER collection are singer Elena Temnikova and cyborg man Konstantin Deblikov. Elena is modern and progressive, she defines fashionable rules, changes the present and, like us, believes that the future lies with technology. Konstantin uses bionic prostheses of hands and shows that a new form of human life from the future exists in the present, he is the technology.
The AW / 19-20 collection represents incredibly comfortable, technological and stylish clothes. One of the main accents of the collection is the Softshell cloak. When the cloth is wet a print appears and it disappears when dries.

URBANTIGER clothing is created by high technology - people. URBANTIGER will help you create more by evolving with you.