Eterna – немецкий бренд рубашек в АФИМОЛЛ! Скидки до 30%

3 floor
23 December ‒ 31 December
10:00 22:00
10:00 23:00
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The main products of the Eterna brand are men's shirts. This narrow specialization allowed Eterna to take a leading position both in the domestic and international markets. Today, Eterna shirts around the world are synonymous with true German quality, and we are very pleased that the brand's brand store has opened in AFIMALL City!

Eterna store presents classic business shirts for a suit, elegant casual models, gala shirts with cuffs for cufflinks and accessories - ties, butterflies, suspenders. Depending on the season, the assortment of the store is replenished with comfortable knitwear, short-sleeved shirts, stylish polos.

From the moment of opening, the store has discounts up to -30% for the autumn-winter collection.