You gave your old shoes a new life!

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13 June ‒ 15 July
10:00 22:00
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Two months ago we launched a shoe recycling program. During this time you brought more than 30,000 shoes pairs to Rendez-Vous stores. Thank you for taking care of the future of our planet! We do not plan to stop there and will continue to accept footwear for recycling in the future. We handed over all the collected shoes to our partner - Dmitrovsky Plant RTI. At the factory the shoes will be processed into small crumbs and sorted into materials. Crumbs will make safe rubber coatings for stadiums, sports tracks, courts and playgrounds. Bring your old shoes to any Rendez-Vous store in Russia. For each pair you will receive a coupon for 500 rubles as a compliment for your responsibility. More information: