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Meat & Fish is a territory of compromise between the eternal choice of meat and fish dishes. There is gastronomic maximalism. Here you get everything at once! The concept is reflected in the interiors: the territory of institutions is divided into two roughly equal areas - "meat", made in dark tones, closed and divided into private corners, and "fish", which is open, bright, transparent to outsiders. Gastronomy Meat & Fish is a steakhouse and fish house in one space. There are dishes from meat and fish of domestic origin in a menu. Steaks is made from the beef of grain fattening of the category Prime, lamb and pork - are presented as bonus cuts and alternative. Our pearl is the author's 500-gram steak "Mironoff". Fish steaks are from black halibut, from beluga with honey and ginger, from wild salmon and catfish will conquer even the most demanding gourmet. We cook from Russian products. Fish and seafood are supplied chilled from Kamchatka, from Yakutia and Murmansk.