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MARELLA is a part of the international retail group Max Mara Fashion Group and at the same time it is an independent brand.

Back in 1976 Marella was introduced as a separate line within the product range of MaxMara stores in Italy. But following the successful growth, in 1988 Marella became an independent brand with its own stores.

Clothes and accessories which carry Marella brand are known for their elegance and feminine allure. They are suitable for any occasion. The unique blend of modern trends and traditional Italian tailoring make it possible to create a modern, but at the same time a very unique look.  Marella collection is composed of a wide range of product classes: the outerwear, blouses, dresses, trousers, high quality knitwear and the accessories, of course.

During all the history of Marella the design team have always turned to the up-to-date and innovative production techniques and methods to comply with the most demanding taste.  Marella customer is the one who looks not only to be appreciated by others, but also to feel good in the clothes she chooses.  

In 2014 MARELLA has launched its new project ART.365. The project consists of multifunctional items that are suitable for any time of the year, of the day and finally, for any occasion, be it a day in the office or a cocktail party. The styles are simple and made of fabrics which are very easy to take care of. The project is also highly appreciated by those customers who travel a lot and just need clothes that are easy to mix and match and which look suitable 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

At the present moment all Marella shops in Moscow have also iBlues which makes part of Max Mara Fashion Group portfolio as well.  The essence of iBlues is an ironic approach to the daily looks, sweet bourgeoisie style, a mixture of the iconic 60s and 70s styles with the modern trends. Perfect for modern it-girls, always playing with fashion.