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Noryalli: inspired by Norway

Traditions of hand knitting have existed in Norway for many centuries.

Noryalli is a clothing and accessories brand that was founded in 2011in Oslo, Norway. Our company is full of modern experience and knowledge of Norwegian craftswomen.

Our designers visit old villages to gather inspiration by studying ancient techniques and looking at the magnificent Norwegian nature.
To create our collection we use handiwork as well as manufacturing. Our knitwear and accessories are produced in Russia.

Noryalli products go through wet-heat processing and a 3 step/stages quality control, This means that out products won't deform during wearing and washing.

Environmental friendliness, combination of traditions and fashion trends. Building a trusting relationship with the buyer, ethical consumption – this principals lay in the foundation of Noryalli philosophy.

We create top quality knitwear and accessories out of Italian yarn for modern city residents, who emphasize their individuality and femininity.