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Friends, we are glad to welcome you aboard our PIRATMARMELAD store!

Thanks to the love of travel, sweet and imagination, our professional pirate team created this unique project - a luxurious treasury of sweets! Our shops specialize in selling unpacked marmalade, soufflé, dragee, caramel and toffee.

The basic concept of stores is "every sweets at one price"! The products have a single cost, which allows customers not to be distracted from the main thing - from the choice of tastes, shapes and colors. Buyers can independently or with the help of sellers collect all the goodies in one package.

In our stores presented more than 200 types of delicacies from around the world! The palette of tastes has original bright forms, colors and design of our sweets. All this magnificence together with a special display of goods, causes children's delight and genuine interest among guests of all ages, and makes them return to childhood.

We carefully and detail follow quality of all products and we often expand our range and never stop pleasantly surprising our visitors.